Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New RACE in bollywood (Movie Review)

‘Race’ is the latest offering of the ace Bollywood director duo Abbas-Mustan, well known for adventure stories such as Humraaz, Khiladi and Baazigar. The pair finally does a movie with Saif Ali khan after a long time gap of 6 years. This fantastic “jodi” has already proved it over the years that nobody can thrash them when it comes to the thriller genre.

Featuring Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy, the latest thriller ‘Race’ is full of surprising twists and turns, that keep viewers saying ‘oh’ and reanalyzing the whole thing so that bits and pieces of the story fill into form the collage known as ‘Race’.

The story of the film goes like this: The movie revolves around two step brothers Ranbir (Saif Ali Khan) & Rajeev (Akshaye Khanna) owing stud farm in Durban, South Africa. They breed horses on their big ranch house & bet on them. Each one (brothers) have an insurance policy of $100 million to their name. Both of them make plan to kill each other for the money and helping them in their hair brain plans are Sonia (Bipasha Basu) and Sophia (Katrina Kaif).

Sophia is Ranvir’s personal secretary, and she loves her boss. Ranvir is totally ignorant of her emotion and regards her love as her competence. Sonia is an approaching Indian ramp model in Durban.

After the murder, Anil Kapoor (detective RD) and his dim-witted assistant Mini (Sameera Reddy) enter to investigate the mysterious death.

The first half of the movie is spellbinding, when the characters are introduced and their murky sides exposed. This half leaves many open ends that are finally unraveled in the end. The film also takes many snaky turns and passes through many surprising bends, a few of them are rational whereas others are deliberately contrived to surprise the watcher.

Cinematography by Ravi Yadav, editing by Hussain Burmawala’s and dialogues by Anuraag Prapanna, Jitendra Parmar are really fantastic.

Two more driving forces of the movie include Pritam’s music and Allan Amin’s stunts, which really matches the title of the movie. The music is loud and rocking and suits the mood of the film.


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